Garden Edging Tips

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Garden edging serves more than one purpose.  The typical reason that it is used is to create a boundary between the lawn and the garden.  This greatly enhances the appearance of the area and makes it look neat and tidy.  Another reason that edging is practical is to keep the grass from spreading into the garden and keep mulch or bedding in the garden.

Garden edging is usually one of the last things to be done after building a garden or remodeling a landscape.  It gives the area a feeling of being finished rather than a work-in-progress.

Before you begin to, actually, install your garden edging you need to decide exactly where you want it to go.  If your border is going to have straight lines you can use a string line to keep it straight.  Although, if you want your border to be curved a string line doesn’t work the best.  For a curved border, a garden hose works well to lay out your design before you start placing your edging.  Bend the hose until you have the pattern you desire.

Next, take a can of spray paint and run a stripe just inside the hose so you can remove the hose from your work area.  If you are going to dig up the whole area you can use the painted line as a guide to know where to start and stop digging.  If you are just going to use garden edging around an existing area you now have a template to use.

If you are just going to use garden edging that is vertical and stands in the ground you can now take a shovel and dig a small trench around the edge of your painted line.  This is where you will place your garden edging before putting dirt back in on both sides.

If you are going to use concrete or a block style garden edging you will need to make your trench slightly wider than the width of the edging you are using.  It is good practice to add an inch or two of sand to the bottom of your hole to set your pavers on.  Don’t forget that they will settle over time so it is ok if it sticks up above ground level.

Creating a beautiful garden and adding curb appeal to your home can be done in many ways.  One of these ways is to use garden edging.  This edging comes in many shapes, sizes, and prices so use your imagination and have fun.

If you are planning some landscaping or upgrades check out bamboo garden edging or solar ground lights for ideas.

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Rick Godke is a lifelong gardener since age 8. He studied agriculture and taught high school horticulture. He spent almost 20 years working as a County Extension Agent in three states where he educated farmers, home owners, and youth in the areas of production agriculture and home horticulture. Godke has trained adult Master Gardeners and school-age 4-H members in every aspect of gardening, as well as establishing community gardens. He has introduced two daylily varieties with the American Hermerocallis Society and has served as a national certified national daylily exhibition judge.

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