Garden Party Five Easy Ways

By Richard Godke

Spring is here and among other things that means it is time to host a garden party.  However, if the last few years are anything to go by, the weather cannot be trusted and if you want to throw open your patio doors to your guests then you will not have the luxury of having a lot of time to prepare for a garden party.  Fortunately, here are five simple quick tips to help you turn summer 2013 from a washout to a knockout in the space of a few days.

Garden Party

Give the Garden a Quick Tidy for the Garden Party

However big your garden is, you will have room for a party of some sort, but by taking an hour or two to declutter the garden you will make more space available to you and your friends. Try looking at the space with a fresh eye and create wide open areas by  stacking unused pots, sweeping patios and trimming back overgrown vegetation.  If your garden furniture is set in the middle of your patio, try moving it to the side for the night, which may allow more guests to congregate in the area, while still providing seating for those who want it.

Let Summer Shine

You are having a garden party so embrace the outdoors and let your garden help with the hosting.  You can make the most of the summer feel by opting for the brightest flowers. These will look radiant in the sunshine and provide a nice focal point allowing even guests who don’t know each other to strike up a conversation. No summer atmosphere would be complete without the right heady scents so pick your plants with your nose as well as your eyes.

Prepare for the Worst

If you were having a dinner garden party you’d prepare for the worst by having a standby meal that is quick to prepare in the case of some cooking disaster or a few bottles of fine wine to get the conversation going.  The same is true for your garden party, but the main thing that can go wrong here is rain. You should take steps to mitigate the damage that a quick and sudden downpour could cause. If you have the space you could do this with a canopy, if not simply have a space inside that can quickly be accessed as the heavens open. To keep the garden party feeling going, large windows and patio doors will be helpful.

Add a Few Memorable Details

As with any type of party, it’s the little things that can make or break the night. So at the start of the 24 hours leading up to your bash make a list of the must-haves that you want to wow your guests with.  These do no need to be lavish. The list may be as simple as remembering to have the extension leads set up, freezing some ice cubes and putting by some tea lights and lanterns to keep the party going come sundown.

Everyone loves a BBQ

Take a shortcut to a lasting place in your guests’ hearts and minds through their stomach.  If you haven’t got a barbecue then go and buy one. The smell of sizzling meats and rustic vegetables is the main attraction at a garden party. Here are some garden party Ideas that will help get everyone in the BBQ mood.  Some of these ideas are so simple, your party may be done with plenty of time to spare.  You can also learn BBQ tips that will help you get things done well before the day of the party.